Teenage Atomic Zombie

by The Spider Bombs

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My teenage years were spent in a 1980s middle-class American confusion of imminent peril and frenzied denial. I didn't know how I should act, and I wasn't sure it would even matter. I've never understood nostalgia for one's youth. Maybe this will explain why.

Everything in this song is true, unvarnished, and devoid of context. Also, there's a lot of damn swearing.

Note that "Brit-pop" is intended as a description (pop music from Britain), not as a reference to the genre from the 1990s.


I ate spag, and I drank Vernors
My hair caught fire from a bunsen burner
I read a lot of books by Alan Dean Foster
Had a girl for a week, but then I lost her
Tried to make the world explode playing Nuclear War
Used my feet instead of hands to open push bar doors

I started watching movies on late-night TV
I shielded my feelings by learning to act mean
I played in my high school's marching band
I really fucking hated marching band
Voted in my first election, and my candidate was skunked
Listened to lots of Brit-pop and to West Coast punk

I learned the Taliban were our friends
Or at least that we were funding them
I biked to the mall just to hang out
Learned to steal car parts as a Boy Scout
Got way into collecting comics
Still kinda into collecting comics

Watched Linnea Quigley shake her ass in a graveyard
Called my friends shit like 'fag' and 'retard'
Joined lots of clubs just to not have to go home
Paid too much to see "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"
I watched "The Day After" to prepare for when the bombs fell
Unprepared for when the Berlin Wall fell

Played arcade games like Joust and Q-Bert
Max Headroom taught me the perils of blipverts
Played D&D every week with my homies
We were white suburbanites that used the word 'homies'
A friend ran me over when I jumped from his car
Had a Casio keyboard and a Gibson guitar

Hated my life and everyone in it
Was a fucking whiny little shit
No teenager anymore - expected to be dead by now
Not complaining now that I have made this far anyhow
No more teenage atomic zombie
No more teenage atomic zombie
Now I'm a depleted half-life zombie


released April 23, 2011
written and performed by Sean Frost, with a soprano Eleuke, Eastwood Mandocaster, and an M-Audio keyboard.

Recorded and mixed on a Mac mini with Logic Pro.




The Spider Bombs Ann Arbor, Michigan

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